3 Tips You Can Learn From A.A. For Getting ‘Off’ Sugar

Stop addiction

I have an addictive obsession with sugar. Granted, a recovering one, but an obsession nonetheless.  And I’ve done it all; good day?  Celebration with ice cream!  Bad day? Drown it in cookies! Try me at the whole “everything in moderation” myth on a piece of cake? Good luck with that! I’d polish off the whole more »

Healthified Ice Cream Bars!

If you love the flavor of a Klondike bar, but are looking for something healthier, you won’t want to miss this!  Packed with flavor, low in carbs, and heaping with anti-oxidants from the chocolate, it’s not only a treat, but also contains a great deal of nutrients. Yes, I still believe the quickest way to more »

The “Just Eat More Fruits And Vegetables” Problem


Welcome to this blog post!  You’ve made it farther than some too irritated to do so, and I thank you for your open-mindedness to explore. The title reaks of heresy that about every nutritionist, scientist, researcher, and mother would be quick to point out.Why? Because something almost everyone agrees on is that we should all more »

Low-Carb Chocolate Cheesecake

chocolate cheesecake

Chocolate? Cheesecake? Who could ask for more?!  I keep thinking, “Why would I ever go back to eating  junk again when there are so many far healthier options?”. One place I get inspiration for recipes is through my friend, Kimber’s Lighter Side Of Low-Carb. Her amazing cheesecake variety (that I’ve been obsessing about as of late) more »

032: The Paleo Kitchen Cookbook


What an amazing guest! Listen in as I chat with George Bryant, co-author of The Paleo Kitchen: Finding Primal Joy In Modern Cooking. Packed with over 300 pages of delectable main courses, desserts, shopping tips, a picture of George fitting more cookies in his mouth than I thought was humanly possible, and lots of fun, more »