5 Ways to Regain Energy Naturally

By on October 15, 2012
Ways to regain energy

Ways to regain energy

If you feel run down, you might look for effective ways to regain energy. Although many people think that the answer has to be in a pill, shake, or drink, this is not true. Here are a few helpful tips that will only take a few minutes to start working!

Some of these ideas help immediately, and some of them take a couple weeks to work.  But if you follow these guidelines, you’ll be amazed at how your body responds:

  • Grab a Healthy Snack. Even though your day might be hectic, consider eating snacks that provide energy. Choose items that contain complex carbohydrates and proteins, without the fat. Celery dipped in almond butter is a great choice, or have a few almonds or one boiled egg.  The Diet Solution Program has an excellent list of foods that are high in energy, as well as foods that you should definitely avoid.
  • Take a Nap. Before you think that it is impossible to sleep in only 5 minutes, just try closing your eyes and relax. You will be surprised at how effective this is as a way to increase your energy. Try to avoid distractions and concentrate to properly breathe.
  • Listen to Music. A lot of songs might only be a few minutes but it can be all you require. Music influences your mood and it can instantly relax you. You can also choose something upbeat and instantly lift your spirits to feel more energetic throughout the rest of the day.
  • Get Exercise. A lot of people are under the impression that it might be impossible to get exercise in during the day, but keep in mind that you don’t need to do an hour at a time. Even if you can fit in only a short 15 minute session, that can be enough. Try to take a brisk walk or just do a few flights of stairs. Every bit helps. Exercise will give you lasting energy to get through the day.
  • Try vitamin B-12 supplementation. Commonly used, and spoken about more often lately, this vitamin is a powerhouse to promote many cellular functions.  More recently, this product was discussed by well-known physicians such as Dr. Oz, and Dr. Joseph Mercola.  As great as this supplement is, just know that it’s only one part of a healthy lifestyle.
  • Wean Yourself Off of Processed Carbs. Not only do the carbs themselves cause wild hormone fluxuations, but they’re frequently combined with dies, artificial ingredients, and preservatives; these all combine to cause energy to dwindle when needed the most.  Need help figure out what specific foods we’re talking about, and what to replace them with?  Watch this quick video to find out.

So when you have extra time available, consider these options to boost your energy levels!


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