7 Foods to Avoid to Lose Weight

By on November 14, 2012
Foods that cause inflammation

7 foods to avoid to lose weightIf you are getting tired of watching scale go up, it might be time to get back to change your mindset. Losing weight doesn’t have to be hard; it’s simply a matter of making the right food choices.


If you follow our tips, it will be easier to make the correct food choices on a daily basis.

7 Foods to avoid to lose weight:


Coffee might be an addition for some, but it is not necessarily good for you. Coffee causes an insulin response which increases your cravings even further, making you want another cup. It makes you feel hungry and this will make you eat more than you need to. Rather replace this drink with something else, or simply increase your water intake.

Processed Foods

You might know that foods that have been fried are considered to be very bad for your health, but you should also avoid other foods like cookies, chips, and ice cream. These specific items will just make you crave them more and this will lead to over eating and gaining fat. Do not eat these, rather substitute them with or complex, natural foods such as almond flour for baking.

Wholegrain Products

Wholegrain products might sound healthy, but they have a high insulin response and this is not something you want if you are looking to lose weight. The higher your insulin levels, the harder you will find it to lose weight, as you will have more cravings due to a rise in blood sugar levels.

White Bread

White bread will produce a higher blood sugar level, which is not ideal at all. Simple carbohydrates like this will make you feel hungry more often and it will not allow you to have a stable insulin level. Bread made from white flour does little or no good to the body. Instead, you can opt for almond-flour or coconut flour bread which is a safer bet while trying to lose weight.

Junk Food

Junk food is never good for you. Similar to processed foods, they can become quite addictive and you will soon form a habit that is hard to break. Avoid foods like fries and hamburgers, especially all the fast food joints on your way home. The more you eat the harder it will become to avoid them. Pizzas and pastas should also be avoided.


Alcohol, as proven, almost acts like a catalyst in gaining weight. It slows down the metabolism of the body by a substantial amount. If you are trying to lose weight, your metabolism needs to be fast in order to digest food quickly. Alcohol does exactly the opposite. So, whether you’ve just had a break up or your boss is getting on your nerves, think before gulping down that bottle of beer.

If you can manage to keep away from these food items and maintain a good amount of exercise daily, you will surely go a long way in your weight loss regime. No sooner will you be standing in front of the mirror admiring your body and the smile that it will bring to your face.

Canned Fruits and Juices

Fruits are not always the best food choice, even though you might think they are. The ones that are canned are especially unhealthy as they contain hormone-disrupting sugar. And since they have been processed, they have almost no nutritional value to offer you. Rather stick to natural, fresh fruit if you feel like having it.

Mark Sisson, author of Mark’s Daily Apple says that he doesn’t count servings, and that he has a choice from delicious foods.  Hunger doesn’t bother him as he can eat as often as he wants. This goes to show that avoiding certain foods makes a huge difference in your life, and you will notice the health benefits in mere days. According to Health.com, snacks can easily be mistaken for being healthy; smoothies can provide loads of calories.

These are just some of the foods that you need to avoid in order to lose weight. You can also read more about the Diet Solution Program for a comprehensive list of foods to avoid, as well as healthy weight loss tips from acclaimed nutrition expert, Isabel De Los Rios.

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