Avoid The Beach Body ‘Sabateour’ & Feel Great This Season!

By on April 21, 2014

beach woman portraitMy CrossFit group is having a beach party this Sunday afternoon.

Do I have the physique of some of the greek Gods/Goddesses I’ll be hanging out with?

Not quite yet.

Do I look (and feel) a heck of a lot better than I did 5 and 10 years ago, though?  You bet-enough that I’m no longer embarrased like I used to be!

Just like everyone though, I go through my yo-yo’s (between winter, the holidays, and everyday emotional stress, it’s hard to say, for most anyone, that  yo yos don’t happen). But thankfully, I’ve learned to keep them managable.

Years ago, an upswing meant that I’d pack on 30 or 40 pounds, until I finally got fed up (pardon the pun lol), went on a crash diet coupled with tons of exercise, and a uber-restricive food allowance.

Something I can tell you from tons of experience, is that the above method does not work for a long period of time-oh, I could lose it, no doubt-but as soon as I stopped obsessing over it, my regular eating habits came back, and the weight did as well.

Is there a better way? YES!

One of the biggest tips I’ve learned is the power of eliminating sugar, and things that turn into sugar.  And I’m not the only one who’s talking about this.  A ton of other highly-respected doctors and nutrtionists do as well!

For instance, respected physician, nutritionist, and media guest, Dr. Kellyann Petrucci calls sugar a ‘demon’, and goes as far as calling it a dietary toxin.

Is she just being extreme by calling sugar a demon? Hardly. Sugar is one of the most significant factors related a host of health problems, obesity being one of many. NO amount of sugar is healthy.

The problem with eating sugar isn’t the damage that’s done at the time it’s eaten (energy rush, followed by the crash), but it also messes up our hormones, causing unnatural (and unhealthy) hunger cravings, and a whole host of problems that lead to us being overweight.

I gave up sugar in May of 2012.  It wasn’t easy at first, but I can’t say enough good things about it. Despite the fact that I now *frequently* have dessert, sweet-tasting foods, and a myriad of delicious choices, I don’t worry about the hormone-damaging effects of sugar.

This one, simple change has been one of the major keys in keeping my yo yos within a few pounds instead of the old 30-40 pounds I was used to.

There are tons of ways to enjoy a variety of foods (many of them sweet and decadent) without dessert. It just takes a little bit of creativity.

Want some specific ways you can give up sugar & lose weight without being deprived? Check out some of my dessert recipes in the navigation of my website.

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By the way, my favorite beach is Pensacola Beach.  Which beach is your favorite?

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Dr. Michael Tremba, once severely overweight himself, has studied to distinguish the truth about weight loss, and the shocking mis-information that's taught to us by many "trusted" groups. Through the techniques that have helped him regain his health, he shares uncommon tools to help anyone else desiring to lose weight to live the life they're meant to. He enjoys reading, exercising, travelling, and spending time with his wife, Shari in Mobile, Alabama Find me on Twitter, Google+ and let's connect on LinkedIn.


  1. Kathy

    April 22, 2014 at 6:09 am

    I haven’t been getting these posts, Dr. Mike. Glad they’re back now! Thank you for the information.

    • Michael Tremba

      April 23, 2014 at 7:42 am

      Thanks, Kathy-I’ve been busy working on an at-home weight-loss training course for women, but am so happy to be posting to my blog again. Hope you’re having a great week :)

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