Best Vegetables For Weight Loss

By on December 28, 2012

best vegetables for weight lossSalads are considered the staple of diets everywhere, but salad greens and carrots alone aren’t the only options you have available.


In fact, the best vegetables for weight loss are cruciferous and green leafy vegetables according to Anton Health and Nutrition.


Incorporating these into your diet on a regular basis will help rev up your metabolism and boost your immune system.

So then, what are the best vegetables for weight loss?


Broccoli is one of the greatest superstar vegetables you can consume. With no fat at all, unless you count the natural butter and cheese you might want to put on it, broccoli is full of fiber, vitamins, and slow-releasing carbohydrates. These carbs are actually good for you, but since they enter the system slowly, they give your body lots of energy over a long period of time. Additionally, it binds to the bile in your digestive tract, removing it for effective digestion. These biles can often lead to weight gain and toxicity that make weight loss difficult. Removing them is vital to your success.

Broccoli is also high in antioxidants, which revs up the metabolism. For the fullest metabolic benefit, you should eat the broccoli steamed or raw.


It worked for Popeye, though that was actually the result of a clerical error that made spinach appear to have more iron than anything else. However, while spinach may not be the greatest option for iron, it is full of vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin K, vitamin B6, and calcium plus some iron. Additionally, its high water content and fiber make it ideal for filling salads and side dishes, while at the same time it helps to prevent water retention.

Spinach is considered another vegetable superstar. It can be eaten in almost any way and even worked into smoothies or sauces without vastly changing the flavor.

Collard Greens, Turnip Greens, and Mustard Greens

Greens have not been studied quite as much as other vegetables, but they have started to discover that these humble vegetables have tremendous potential in weight loss assistance. Like spinach, they are filled with water and fiber. But unlike spinach, they tend to have a slightly bitter taste which comes from the high levels of calcium and other vitamins such as K, E, and A which also encourage the metabolism. This combined with the water and fiber make them ideal for filling you up.

In preparing all manner of greens, the best method is steaming. Frying or boiling may lead to a loss of vital nutrients. Light seasonings of salt help to diminish the bitter flavor.


While not a typical vegetable on the menu, garlic is another vegetable with stunning weight loss qualities. Some models even use garlic supplements to spur on their metabolisms. As Health’s How Stuff Works points out, garlic is full of allicen which both reduces bacteria and reduces unhealthy fats and cholesterol. It helps to prevent many different kinds of bacteria and fungi and even prevent various forms of cancer while at the same time increasing the metabolism.

The most important thing for garlic consumption though is that you eat it fresh. It can be boiled, smashed, minced, seared, grilled or bake, but it must be fresh. Store it in a dark cool area and make sure that you use it within four weeks of purchase. Garlic powder and garlic salt do not have the same weight loss result as fresh garlic, and the taste is not quite as good either.


Incorporating these delicious vegetables into your regular diet, you will reap many different benefits. Not the least of which is weight loss. These vegetables all additionally target the dangerous abdominal fat. You can learn even more about these vegetables and other similar ones in Mike Geary’s Truth About Abs. He includes some delicious recipes to make these vegetables even more palatable.


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