How To Have A Cheat Day That Won’t Make You Feel Like Cr@p

By on March 21, 2014

photodune-6280861-friendly-donut-cartoon-character-holding-a-donut-xsWe all do it.  And to deny it would be not only unrealistic, but downright sabatoging to one’s lifestyle.

Understanding this has been one of the most powerful lessons I’ve learned.

The reality is, if you’re going to do any weight-loss program, you’ve got to be able to have days where you get to eat comfort food.

That said, here’s where many plans have it wrong-they say “sure, go ahead and have a cheat day”, and then approve chemical-laden junk-storms like pizza delivery, donuts, and cookies.

I know this, because I used to be the king of these types of cheat days.  The problem, however, was that the one ‘cheat’ day would cause me to feel so ‘run-down’ and craving more junk the next, that it would often turn into a ‘cheat week’, followed by a ‘cheat month’.

These types of ‘cheat days’ sound good in theory, but in reality, they’re not only unrealistic, but also dangerous!

Want a healthier ‘cheat-day’? Have some pizza, donuts, and cookies.

No-seriously, have some pizza, donuts, and cookies.

It’s not the food choices themselves that make us fat, it’s the toxins contained within the foods that are the problem.

What type of toxins am I talking about?

First and formost-sugar-it’s one of the most addictive substances we can ingest.  Donuts and cookies have a ton of sugar-you eat that sugar, it not only is hard to detoxity (making you feel like crap), it also screws with your hormones.  You can easily substitute a natural herb called stevia in your donuts and cookies-there’s no effect on your blood sugar, and your body doesn’t view it as a toxin.

2nd toxic substance? Stuff that turns into sugar-particularly, flour.  Once you eat it, and your body begins breaking it down, it has no idea if you just ate flour, or a spoonful of sugar.  Exchange the white flour for almond flour and coconut flour, and you’ve won a big battle.

Want some ideas to help you along? People like Dr. Sarah Ballantyne are masters at these far-healthier substitutions.

Not only are these substitutions free of harmful white sugars, they’re also free of white flour, and other chemicals that disrupt our hormones.

Try out her chocolate hazelnut cupcakes. Are cookies your cravings? Try her chocolate-chip cookies.  Looking for a little salty? Try her kale chips (a little effort, but just as delicious as potato chips).

Ideally, we’d all be eating fresh, raw veggies, lots of healthy fats, unprocessed meat, and a little fruit. The reality is, though, stress, the occasional sweet-tooth, PMS, and more causes us all to look for occasional comfort.

If you’re going to go for comfort, though, there are so many healthier foods, that there’s no reason to go for the garbage.

Finally-Keep your ‘cheat day’ exactly that-one *day*

It’s easy, if we’re not careful, to let a day turn into two days, which becomes a long weekend.  Turn around several weeks later, and you’ve gained 10 pounds.

As much healthier as these substitutions are, just remember that they’re just that-occasional substitutions.  And although they won’t have the damaging effect that sugar and chemical-laden foods have, they also won’t speed up your weight loss like eating a lot of fresh vegetables.  Please keep that in mind in case you see your weight-loss efforts stalled.

All the best,

Dr. Mike

PS: By the way-Still wondering about that pizza recipe?? Try this out!

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