One-On-One Coaching

If you’re reading this, the chances are that you’re busy enough, and don’t need hours worth of information to sort through-you just need someone to show you the quickest route to lower your blood sugar, and give you only the most important things to focus on.

That’s how I can help you.

I’ll ‘hold your hand’ and take you step-by-step along your journey of transformation. And, if you do the specifically customized action plan that I created, you will regain a far healthier body, your cravings will diminish, normalized energy levels will return, and your blood sugar levels will even out. Through it, you’ll find how to:

  • End the need for sugar-laden foods
  • Sleep soundly through the night
  • Build sustained energy to make it through the day
  • Normalize blood sugar issues
  • Think more clearly

Through our time with each other, you’ll learn what to put on the grocery list, and how to make prediabetic-friendly, easy-to-prepare meals and foods that are designed for your body to function at it’s optimal level while feeling full and satisfied. You’ll learn a flexible plan that even includes foods like prediabetic-friendly pizza, cookies, desserts, and so much more.  The meals are designed to be healthy yet extremely flexible with minimal effect on blood sugar levels to allow your body the greatest chance of success.

We’ll start our one-on-one relationship with a thorough review of your current health status and history, and pin-point an action plan with coaching to help you begin your road to recovery.

During the course of your program, you’ll get my complete attention and utmost support to help you achieve your goals by taking action on the steps I create for you.  Granted, you will need to take that action, but you can think of me as your own coach to help guide you along.

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I’m so excited to be a part of your team.

Dr. Tremba



Your 8-week One-On-One Personalized Coaching Progam with me includes:

  • One 1-hour private case review and coaching session
  • Four 30-minute phone check-ins
  • An in-depth medical and health history review
  • Lazer-focused action planning
  • Customized personal health plan
  • Personalized One-On-One coaching
  • Supplement guide (if needed)
  • A 50+ page cookbook designed to maintain blood sugar levels
  • Comprehensive handouts of foods to avoid and foods to incorporate
  • 15% discount on physican-grade supplements
  • Functional lab test recommendations and interpretation of results (if needed)
  • Unlimited e-mail support throughout the length of the program
  • My personal commitment to your success!

Each time working together will build on the last.  You’ll gain the tools to holistically provide your body with the materials to heal itself, and live your best life ever.


8-week prediabetes success plan

One-on-One Coaching Program:

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One 30-minute session:

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