Does obesity cause high blood pressure?

By on December 5, 2012
Does obesity cause high blood pressure

Does obesity cause high blood pressureBelly fat and chubby cheeks are rarely attractive in their best forms, but what makes them even worse is the affect they create in our bodies. With so many individuals struggling with weight gain, and obesity and high blood pressure, one of the highest medical killers, continuing to rise, people start asking lots of questions

Well then, does obesity cause high blood pressure?

The Fat Cause of High Blood Pressure

Dr. Wego of eMedicine lists the primary causes of high blood pressure, the majority of which cannot be changed. These factors include age, race, family history, and gender. But, outside of salt consumption, the one factor which can have the greatest impact on high blood pressure and its’ resolution is weight loss.

Gina Confessore explains that the reason obesity contributes to the development of high blood pressure is because the added fat cells require a higher blood volume. This then requires that the body increase the insulin levels. At the same time, the blood pressure rises, typically from increased sodium levels of the typical diet, and the arteries begin to thicken.

Additionally, some of the additional fat tissues start secreting higher levels of hormones which interact with the kidneys in such a way the blood pressure goes up. The tissue secretion further leads to sodium and fluid retention according to Dr. Pablo Dayer. The sodium only further increases the blood pressure. On top of all this, the greater mass requires even more work from the blood to provide oxygen and nutrients throughout the body and blood vessels, which likewise increases volume and pressure.

A Surprising Sugary Link to Fat and High Blood Pressure

Two years ago, Dr. Richard Johnson began additional studies and discovered a link between obesity, high blood pressure, and sugar. Dr. Johnson examined the historic development of obesity as well as the prevalence of diabetes, and he concluded the link actually stems from simple sugar that turns to fructose, which also increases the uric acid in the blood stream. Sugar was not a heavy part of the American diet back in the 1700s or even the early 1800s. But starting in the late 19th century and rising ever upwards, sugar became a more heavily consumed staple.

Dr. Mercola further corroborated Dr. Johnson’s findings in his article summary, warning that once the uric acid level in the blood exceeds 5.5 mg per dl, patients run increased risks for hypertension, insulin resistance, diabetes, obesity, and more. Tragically, Dr. Mercola also indicated that sugar and high fructose corn syrup consumption has risen even in the last couple years.

Simple Steps to the Obesity High Blood Pressure Connection

Simple steps such as reducing salt and alcohol consumption can all help reduce the virulence of high blood pressure as well as its occurrence. And the most powerful method is simply to shed the weight to prevent the body from further developing these hormones and increasing your blood’s pressure. The simple loss of approximately 2 pounds can generally reduce blood pressure by about 1 mm/hg.

The solution is not, however, found in a magic weight loss pill. In his program The Truth About Abs, Mike Geary reveals that most of the time, supplements and diet pills do more damage to the body than good, and over 95% of them do not even begin to do what they claim. One of the best target zones is among the most popular of weight loss targets: the belly. Belly fat is composed of two types of fat, the subcutaneous or pinchable fat that is the most unsightly and the visceral fat which encompasses the organs and causes the stomach to bulge. The visceral fat puts particular pressure on the organs and blood vessels, further increasing the power of high blood pressure and making it more difficult for the body to cope.

Programs like Mike Geary’s Truth About Abs are not about pills or quick solutions but cutting edge techniques that slice away the excess fat and increase your overall health through the cultivation of healthy choices. Steps to reduce high blood pressure should be taken as soon as possible, as its fierce ravaging of the body is generally preventable.


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