Why “Everything In Moderation” Is Keeping You Overweight

By on May 12, 2014

Lies signI fell victim to it for years.  “These diets are too restrictive-everything in moderation…”

To me, it sounds tempered-like good advice you’d get from a nice aunt or uncle.  Something that would work great.

Except for when it doesn’t work (just about always).

You see, I’ve got a history of a very unhealthy relationship with food.

Unlike my counterparts that don’t, food has never been just something to “enjoy in moderation”.  It’s also been a drug to pick me up when I’m shaking because of sugar withdrawl.  It’s been a celebratory  item to indulge in when things are going well, and an instant ‘feel-good’ medication when I’m depressed.

The self-loathing would follow of course, demanding more eating, followed by a morning of unrealistic expectations, setting myself up for failure, more depression, followed by more eating, and a continued cycle.

-After countless conversations with other formerly obese people as well, I know that I’m not alone.

A talk with my buddy:

Bill is a recovering alcoholic.  We spoke at ends about his addiction, and his work to resume a normal life.  It was through these long talks that I learned that my behavior to food is very similar to his behavior with alcohol.  Just like one drink is never enough with him, one piece of cake is never enough for me-it’s simply the beginning of uncontrollable eating to follow.

Through research, and plenty of personal stories, I’ve found a couple of things that should *always* be avoided.   These foods not only lead to more comfort consumption, but also have a drastic effect on our blood sugar levels, which triggers a whole cascade of hormonal problems to follow.


  • NO sugar
  • NO wheat products

Since May of 2012, I can count on one hand, the number of times I’ve had foods with added sugar.

I don’t think many non-addictive people would suggest that an alcoholic tries to just enjoy a drink in moderation.

But yet, many who mean well, but don’t understand, still suggest that someone with addictive behaviors toward food enjoy ‘just a piece of cake’ in moderation.

If they won’t recognize it, I hope you can for yourself as you live a healthier life.

If you think you’re limited and confined to bland foods, nothing could be farther from the truth-the numerous recipes I share are a testment to this.

Good health, vibrance, and permanent weight-loss are all yours for the taking.  But in order to enjoy them, you’ve got to recognize myths surrounding weight-loss.  The “everything in moderation” myth being one of them.


Dr. Mike

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