Five Obesity Related Diseases

By on December 31, 2012

Obesity related diseasesWe all know that obesity isn’t good for our bodies. The extra weight puts strain on bones, muscles, and organs.

Most people however, haven’t been educated on the overall danger that it can cause to our overall health.

These negative side effects can often seem ambiguous until the lens of specificity brings everything into focus. Numerous diseases are actually worsened and perhaps even caused by obesity.

Today we’re going to discuss five extremely common obesity related diseases.

Heart Disease

Heart problems related to obesity range far and wide. Among the most serious, however, is the increased risk of heart attack. But obesity can also trigger angina, irregular or abnormal heart rhythms, and sudden cardiac death.

Part of the reason for this stems from the increased triglyceride levels as well as a decrease in the good cholesterol, also known as high density lipoprotein. The bad cholesterol, also known as low density lipoprotein, thus increases, paving the way for a wide span of heart problems that may not only end your life but drastically reduce the quality of your life. Obesity in America encourages overweight individuals to reduce their body weight by 15% to begin seeing health benefits and reducing the risk of heart disease and other such issues.

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome and Infertility 

For obese women, one of the growing dangers comes from the development of polycystic ovary syndrome. This unfortunately develops from a large series of follicles all along the ovaries and creates irregular menstrual cycles, cysts, and extra hair growth throughout the body. It sadly also contributes to infertility in women. The obesity stimulates this disorder because it increases the insulin levels and leads to insulin resistance.

While men do not have to struggle with polycystic ovarian syndrome, obesity can suppress natural male sex hormones as well. The weight of the extra fat has also been linked to creation of hormonal abnormalities within men and can also lead to erectile dysfunction.

Thyroid Problems

One of the regulators of the metabolism is the thyroid which provides hormones for the metabolic system. An oversimplification of the situation would be to say that those with overactive thyroid glands or hyperthyroidism lose weight whereas those who have underactive thyroids or hypothyroidism will gain wait. But physicians have found that irregularities in the thyroid can be caused by obesity in both directions.

The extra weight puts additional pressure on the thyroid, sometimes suppressing and sometimes overstimulating the glands. With the imbalance of the hormones in regulating the metabolism, the body then struggles to function as it must, making simple things such as working out or even being active harder. This likewise connects to other metabolic disorders.


One of the most famous killers is high blood pressure or hypertension, a precursor to a number of other health problems such as heart attacks, kidney failures, and even strokes. When this happens in conjunction with elevated bad cholesterol, you’re asking for a heart attack without even realizing it.

With each increase of ten pounds or more, the blood pressure levels increase as the weight increases the pressure on the blood vessel walls. Additionally, the blood must course through additional mass to keep the body functioning properly. Reducing your fat by ten pounds likewise yields strong results and reduces the risk of hypertension.


One of the most rapidly growing maladies in the United States is the onset of diabetes. This illness has developed at a far more rapid rate than any of the others, and it is one of those diseases which is easily controlled and the risk of further harm reduced through weight loss. The Mayo Clinic actually recommends that those with prediabetes symptoms focus primarily on weight loss and healthy living as the best way to prevent diabetic acceleration.

As with everything else, the increased fat causes the body to struggle to process nutrients as it should because the body is under so much more stress. Additionally, the insulin resistance stimulated through the extra fat correlates directly with diabetes, while at the same time it inflames the body. This inflammation can make it more difficult to move and reduce the immune system’s effectiveness.


Obesity is not a light matter. Trusted nutritionist Mike Geary and a few others like him have developed plans to lose the most weight possible in the healthiest way.  If you have started to develop any of the symptoms of these diseases and disorders, then you should start taking steps to carve the fat off as quickly as possible.



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