Five Ways to Increase Metabolism Naturally

By on February 22, 2013

increase metabolism naturallyA faster metabolism burns more calories, which points to a slimmer you. People have tried all kinds of things over the years to increase metabolism naturally. Sometimes they even go as far as usin artificial supplements and enhancers to speed up the metabolism’s natural processes.

While some of these products may work initially, they come at a nasty cost with side effects. In some cases, these side effects even lead to a general decrease in the metabolism’s efficiency.

Learning how to increase your metabolism naturally is much more efficient and far safer in the long run. Here are some general things that you can do to get started.

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Here are five ways to increase metabolism naturally:

Drink Plenty of Ice Water

You’re probably rolling your eyes right now and wondering what it is about water. You’ve heard its praises sung so many times out here, and why should water be better for you than that sugar free caffeine filled diet drink that promises to rev up your metabolism so the fat just melts away?

Well water actually outpaces that diet drink on several levels. In the first place, there are far fewer artificial sweeteners and chemicals in your water than are in that drink.

Artificial sweeteners like aspartame have been linked to increasing rates of cancer, slowed metabolisms, and other general health issues. The water itself has no calories naturally, but your body will burn calories as it processes the water.

Add to this the fact that the water will flush out toxins and increase your immune system while the diet drink will just flush itself out and you’ve got some great reasons to drink ice water.

Cut Out the Sugar

Apples, berries, and other fruits have arguable benefits which you can enjoy from time to time when paired with sufficient protein. Soda, snack cakes, milk shakes, and the like, however, have so few health benefits and so many added consequences that you should not consume them at all if you can help it.

The sugar itself not only leads to inflammation in the body, but it also sets your blood sugar levels out of sync with the rest of your body. The resulting rise and fall of your blood sugar levels then makes you more likely to overindulge to try to get the energy you need to compensate for that feeling.

Use Tabata or Interval Training

Tabata training has become one of my favorite workout programs because it is intense, fun, and challenging. You can adapt it to any form of functional workout plan that you like, and it is really just an intense variation on regular interval training.

To do this, you perform at your highest ability for those 20 seconds and then take a 10 second break. This is repeated consistently for anywhere from 4 – 30 minutes.

While tabata training is one of the most efficient methods for accomplishing this, you can also use other interval training and workout plans to speed up your metabolism naturally. You can find more ideas and tips here.

Get Enough Sleep

It’s been pretty well demonstrated that lack of sleep adds to the weight loss pounds. However, a recent study on sleep deprivation, circadian rhythms, and weight gain demonstrated that lack of sleep does not just make you more likely to eat when you don’t need to but also slows your metabolism down.

When sleep deprivation sets in, the body’s resting metabolic rate begins to decrease as well to try to compensate for the lack of sleep. Getting enough sleep, however, allows your body to regulate itself better and return naturally to a higher metabolic state. Don’t think that more sleep equals a higher rate though.

The cap seems to be somewhere between eight and nine hours of sleep as too much sleep can actually make you feel lethargic.

Eat Garlic

Garlic has been lauded as many things from miracle blood purifier to metabolism booster. Some models frequently consume odorless garlic gel capsules to increase their metabolisms and ward off the negative side effects of not eating enough.

While garlic is not a super or magic pill, several studies including one published in the Journal of Nutrition, have demonstrated that regular consumption of fresh garlic helps to increase metabolic function and purge the body of toxins.

Garlic cleanses the liver in particular while also purging the intestines, which makes it easier for the body to function efficiently.




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