Healthy Holiday Eating Guide

By on October 22, 2012
Healthy Holiday Eating Guide

Healthy Holiday Eating GuideThe holidays are always full of temptations. In turn, it’s often hard to stick to a healthy eating plan. This usually results in unwanted weight gain.

However, if you follow this healthy holiday eating guide,  you will minimize your caloric (and carb)  intake while still enjoying the season with family and friends.



Avoiding Temptations

You need to determine if you really are hungry, and if you are not just simply craving certain foods. Always think about this and do not simply eat what you see. Food will always be there – you don’t have to eat it. These lifestyle tips will help you to stay in shape during the holiday season and make fitness and health your priority. Here are a few very helpful tips:

  • Never skip a meal. If you do this, you can end up being so hungry that you eat everything you see. Eat a small breakfast that is rich in fiber, a lunch that contains protein and small amounts of healthy fats, so that it can keep you satisfied until it is time to prepare dinner.
  • Make sure that you consume all the healthy foods that you need to every day. You need to have at least 4 to 5 servings of veggies per day, so until you do that, don’t indulge in treats. Rather eat an extra helping of fruit if you feel hungry.
  • Choose wisely. Try to eat something of each color so that you get a complete range of nutrients daily. This includes your antioxidants too, as well as a good helping of fiber. Try to eat at least one helping of green veggies a day, as well as one serving of either a red, orange, or yellow group. That will provide you with enough vitamin C to keep you healthy.
  • Eat well at home. Unless you’ve got company over, be certain to prepare healthy foods for you and your family at home.  There’s no one else around to give the “peer pressure” to eat poorly, and no reason to not eat well.
  • Diarize your foods. Make sure you have a food journal, or you can ask a friend to help you diarize everything that you eat on a daily basis.
  • Skip the holiday treats. There will be a lot of them, so you it is best you avoid them all. If you really need to have some candy, try to eat as little as possible.
  • Always plan in advance.  You’re going to have meals where you eat poorly–accept it and plan for it.  That said, however, be realistic of which meals they will be, and have a plan in place for when you will eat well, and when you won’t.  If not planned for, it’s extremely easy to let several indulgent meals turn into several weeks of poor food choices, and many extra pounds gained.  If you plan ahead, you’ll minimize that threat.

Tips at the Party:

Take a look at your plate. You are not required to eat everything that there is, you only need to choose certain foods you like, or take a small bite of new foods you haven’t had before. Don’t visit the buffet more than once. Simply add food to your plate, and move away so that you don’t succumb to all the tasty treats that are on offer. Only eat small amounts of food, remember that the taste will be the same, so eat one treat instead of many.

When preparing your plate, fill it up at least 1/2 way with vegetables.  Even though corn and mashed potatoes are not great for many reasons, they’ll be the lesser of two evils when compared to dressings, heavy gravy’s and sugar-laden cranberry sauces.  Why, by the way, is corn not a great food?  Check out this video from The Diet Solution Program to find out.

Pause between sampling. Make sure you still have room for more. If you go on to the dessert table, pick the least unhealthy choice, like an oatmeal cookie instead of a slab of cheesecake. Then dance the night away. Keep hydrated, but go easy on the alcohol, as it adds 150 calories per drink. Try sparkling water with a twist, seltzer and fruit juice, or vegetable juice cocktail with a dash of hot sauce and a celery stick.

As great as the holidays are, they usher in extremely unhealthy foods.  You’ll have some meals packed with unhealthy foods-accept that fact.  However, if you can still throw in some healthy foods and plan ahead, you greatly increase the likelihood that you’ll get through them without putting on too much weight.

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