Home Workout Room In 3 Easy Steps

By on March 22, 2013

home workout roomMost people assume that to get fit, they need to make sure that they join a gym. While joining a gym works for some people, it ends up being an added expense for others. The idea of a home workout room is bypassed for the prestige (and possibly the mystique) of that gym.

However, it takes multiple visits to the gym to get your money’s worth, and not only that, but you must also factor in the added costs for gas and vehicle wear and tear.

You can still get fit without a gym membership though. According to Shape.com, some people are even more likely to follow through on working out when it’s in a convenient location and when they view it as a chance to save money.

To keep motivating you, give yourself a “fine” every time you fail to workout and use the money to further your weight loss and healthy life goals. So, to get started, you can save yourself time and money by creating a home workout room.

Your Home Workout Room In 3 Easy Steps:

Clear Out a Space

The first step is to clear out enough room for you to actually workout. The size depends on what kind of activities you are doing, but I recommend at least half a room. Look in your home to see if you can find a junk room that you could clean out. If you don’t have that, then you can instead look for places that you can clear away quickly.

For instance, you might do your workout in the living room behind the couch so long as you move the couch back. If you opt for the second option, make sure that you make moving the furniture simple by putting rollers on the furniture for instance.

Practice in the area to ensure that you have enough space. This means that you should perform a sample of the intended exercises, reaching full range of motion. The space should be large enough that you do not scrape your arms or legs or head on any outcropping corners or surfaces.


Install a Chin Up Bar

There are dozens of different weight loss gadgets and tools that you can purchase to help you in your goals. However, one of the best functional exercise tools that you can purchase is a chin up bar. This should be installed in the doorway or in a solid wall.

Functional exercises incorporate a wide range of movements that target entire sections of the body rather than isolated muscle sections. The chin up is one of the hardest upper body moves to master for most people. You can also perform a variety of exercises with a chin up bar, and it will provide the most bang for your buck.

If you don’t have secure door frames or walls to hang a chin up bar on, you can also fashion a body builder triangle, a special frame designed for chin ups. It is also used for other weight lifting techniques such as squats. It may sometimes be referred to as a squat rack.


Set Up a Cardio Station

The next thing that you need to do in setting up your home workout station is to have a location for cardiovascular exercise. While you don’t want to overdo it on the cardio, you still need some to keep your heart and lungs fully functioning.

When done correctly, running and other bursts of intense cardiovascular exercise offer some of the best development for functional exercise because it trains your body in the way that it is intended to move.

There are many different options available for cardio exercise. One of my favorites is the elliptical. It provides all of the benefits of running without the harsh impact on the knees and joints. The other benefit of these types of machines is that they fit into a small space, meaning that you can make the most of what is available in your home without spending a fortune.


These 3 steps are all it takes to set up a full home workout room in a single afternoon.

Furthermore, that simple set-up will allow you to do a whole host of calisthenic workouts from push-ups to pull-ups, and from squats to sit-ups; you can work virtually every muscle group in your body.

Working out at home offers many benefits, and if one of them is that it makes you more inclined to do what it takes to live a fit and healthy lifestyle, then by all means, do it.




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