How Do I Stop Craving Sugar?

By on April 29, 2013

how do i stop craving sugarOne of the hardest things with living a healthy lifestyle is moving past the sugar cravings. You’re doing great, keeping yourself focused and on track, and then the craving hits. For most people, it typically strikes in the middle of the day or in the early evening.

For many people, this comes just as much because they feel tired as because they have trained their taste buds to expect something sweet. But understanding the reason does not help you understand how to stop craving sugar.

Fortunately, that’s what we’re going to discuss today. There are a few simple things anyone can do.  Applied right, they’ll drastically increase your likelihood to answer:

“How Do I Stop Craving Sugar?”

Purge It from the House

It’s important that you don’t leave any sugar in the house if you can. According to several studies published at Web MD, the mere sight of Oreos, chocolate, cake, muffins, and the like can stimulate your desire for sugar and carbs.

If you are already dealing with a craving, then seeing it will make it significantly worse. In fact, it can take your will power and destroy it in a single moment.

When purging the house, you need to make sure that you get rid of all the sugar you can. This means even the orange juice. Consuming sugar will just make you crave it more.

Even supposedly good health foods can sabotage you. You’d be surprised at the number of supposedly healthy foods that you should never eat. By getting them out of the house, you avoid temptation and rationalization.

Drink Cold Water

When you are dealing with a sugar craving, you need to take steps to minimize it. One of the reasons that you may be craving sugar is because your body is trying to find an energy source. Sugar is a quick and easy. It elevates your blood sugar levels. This then creates a surge of energy, though it will lead to a crash shortly afterward.

A better solution is to drink water. It’s not uncommon for the body to simulate hunger when in fact it’s actually dehydrated. Instead of turning to sugar, drink cold water. This will satisfy your thirst, and it will also help stop most cravings.

It fills the stomach. Try sipping rather than gulping. If this is not working, then you may consider drinking an herbal tea. Peppermint, for instance, generally helps to satisfy the cravings.

Brush Your Teeth, Floss, or Chew Gum

After years of conditioning, most people can use this trick to prevent a sugar indulgence. When you brush your teeth, floss, or chew gum, your mind tells you that it doesn’t want any more sugar. This is mainly because the food will taste different, generally strange. It doesn’t have as pleasurable a flavor.

You can make this work to your advantage by brushing your teeth as soon as you feel a craving coming on or immediately after you eat. If you can’t do this, then chew some peppermint or mint gum. The mint suppresses the appetite naturally. Cinnamon is another good choice. You can pick up organic sugar free gums that don’t use artificial sugars at most health food stores.

Remind Yourself What Sugar Does

One other powerful way to end a sugar craving is to remind yourself what sugar does to your body. Remember that it is not food. It may taste sweet, but it will make you fat. It makes you nervous, increases your risk of diabetes, kidney failure, and heart problems. It destroys your teeth, and it suppressed your immune system. All of these things and more come from eating sugar.

You may want to put this up on your refrigerator or over the food you eat. It will help to remind you to keep your gaze focused on the goals ahead. Realizing the destructive effects that sugar can have on your body and your future can help you to stop that craving dead in its tracks.





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