How Do Obese People Lose Weight

By on December 3, 2012
How do obese people lose weight

How do obese people lose weight

The more you move, the more energy you get. The less you move, the more lethargic you get. Weight loss and those who need it are caught at odds. The incredible irony is that the more weight one gains, the harder it becomes to move. The harder it is to move, the harder it is to lose weight.

And after a certain point, people tend to wonder, “What’s the point?  How do obese people lose weight?  Why should I even try?” And then they mournfully slump back onto the couch, moving even less than before.

Why Does Fat Cause So Many Health Problems?

Over the years, various studies have been commissioned to examine the effects of fat on the body. Dr. Wedro of eMedicine states that one of the greatest risks to obese individuals is high blood pressure and diabetes as well as lesser quality of life.

Additionally, the excess weight makes it harder for individuals to function in the way that they want. Everything from playing sports to cleaning house becomes much more difficult with each additional pound.

Stress on the joints increases significantly with each pound gained Doug Michaels, a morbidly obese patient with broken knee caps said that his turning point came when the doctor said, “Son, that butt of yours is too big for your knees to carry. You’ve got to lose the butt or lose your knees.” Michaels had been an avid sports player for years until a bad injury led to his being laid up and he comforted himself with pizza and wings in 2008. While he started out a healthy young man, his health declined significantly over the next two years as he began demonstrating symptoms of diabetes along with high blood pressure and continually torn knees. The primary culprit behind most of his symptoms and struggles was the obesity. His doctor told him time and again that if he could just lose a little weight, it would make a tremendous difference.

The Difficult Solution

That they need to lose weight is no secret to Michaels or other obese people. Some may be in denial. Others may not want to talk about it. But they all know. And they may have a myriad of plans, both attempted and failed. What most obese men and women don’t know is how to start.

For those people with only ten or twenty pounds to lose, it may be hard to comprehend. For them, the decision to live in a healthy manner will not be quite as traumatic a change. Additionally, once they get started, they do not have to go as far to reach their goals.

For the obese, it could take years for them to reach the healthy weight that so many seek. A journey of three months is far easier to move toward mentally than one that will take years. Drastic lifestyle changes and eating choices must also be undertaken in most cases, and for many obese men and women, a complete reprocessing of food, its role, and the way it should be used.

So in some ways, saying that they need to lose weight is like saying, “we need to just stop fighting this war so we can have peace.” There’s nothing factually incorrect in the statement, but it can be difficult to know where to start or even how to start.

The Moment By Moment Approach

What makes weight loss and all other life changing decisions overwhelming is not really the single steps involved but the whole picture. Imagine that you have to lose 150 pounds. At a healthy weight loss and consistent lifestyle change, it will take you a couple years to successfully reach your goal weight. As you sit there contemplating it, every birthday, party, celebration, and other exciting event crosses your mind. You think of all the times you’re going to have to exercise your willpower and refuse the tempting overindulgences. Attempts to imagine how good you’ll look diminish as you consider the struggle ahead. And then your mind shifts to all of the bad things that could happen. All the times when a box of Oreos or Cake Batter Ice Cream might really hit the spot.

Before you know it, your mind is telling you that you can’t possibly do it. This is way too hard. Going to take way too long! And before you’ve even started, you’ve derailed yourself.

The secret is to just start. Don’t wait for the beginning of the week. Don’t wait for the perfect time. Take it day by day, moment by moment. As challenging as this can be, what this results in is that you are no longer obsessing over all of the battles yet to come. Instead, you are focused right in the here and now.

Regardless of your weight loss state, this moment by moment approach is an effective tool to reaching your goals. It’s much easier to say no to cheesecake and yes to roasted winter vegetables in a single moment than fighting off every treat and tempting delight all at once!

This follows in line with successful programs such as Mike Geary’s Truth About Abs. While the program lays out all of the details for a successful weight loss program, it also focuses participants in the daily decisions rather than the destination. Charts and nutrition plans assist and make the decisions in the moments far easier.

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