Make it big by starting small

By on December 13, 2011

Sara hit the alarm clock—6:00am.  She was actually going to do it!  She was going to start running 2 miles a day, cutting her calories in half, and make drastic changes in her diet.  She was going to lose 40 pounds, and manage her blood sugar issues for good.  She smiled as she thought of her lofty goals, and thought of how she’ll do it all… starting tomorrow.

Most people fail at weight loss.

Statistics say that you’ll fail too. 

As insensitive as it may sound, at least it’s the truth, which is more than you’ll get from a lot of fitness ‘gurus’.

I struggled with my weight for years.  And I’ll tell you, it still takes work to manage it now.  It’s not like I woke up one day, hit the alarm clock, dropped a ton of weight, and never looked back.  I’d be lying if I told you my weight didn’t fluctuate in the past 5 years.  But one thing I’ll share is the fact that overall, it’s been down, and overall, I’m much healthier than I was 5 years ago, my energy levels are up compared to then, and despite the work it’s taken, it’s still MUCH easier to manage than starting the first steps toward a healthy lifestyle.

What things have helped me?  When I look back, I guess I’m thankful for so much.  I had parents who , in many ways, encouraged me to follow my dreams.  I’ve made the conscious effort to continually surround myself with other successful, positive people that I wanted to be like.  I’ve had coaches that have encouraged me to always better myself, and I have a strong belief that God has big things in store for my life.

So then, what are the masses doing wrong that the few people who actually lose weight permanently do? Most people fail for a couple different reasons, and most people succeed for a couple reasons as well:

1. Strong (enough) sense of “why”.  Most people that make permanent lifestyle changes have a “why” that can help them through the tough times.  For some that “why” could be looking good in a bathing suit, for others, it could be not wanting to die from heart disease.  Still for others, it could be wanting to run a 5K race with some friends in a couple of months.  Whatever your “why” is, it’s extremely important to know when you’re late for your meal, trying to get yourself “off” sugar, driving past a McDonald’s at  6:00pm, and feeling like the world’s coming apart because of the chemical imbalances your body’s desperately trying to fix.

2. Getting over excuses.  You might not have enough time to workout.  Your spouse might disapprove of new food choices.  You might fail.  You might actually succeed, and find the other sex attracted to you (believe it or not, a valid subconscious fear for some.  You might not get to ‘wallow’ in your sorrows tonight because you’d be too busy working out.  There are a million excuses, and by far and large, their not valid. Excuses prevent us from taking action.  I can promise you that every day I workout, small excuses and objections hit my brain.  I can promise you that each day Aaron Rogers or Brooke Burke works out, they have excuses.  Everyone has them, you’d might as well get over it.

3. Starting small.  Don’t put it off ‘till tomorrow until you have so many health problems that you find you’ve run out of tomorrows.  Ever walk though a cemetery?  There’s a LOT of people there.  Your remains will be there as well some day, and there’s nothing you can do about it.  By the time everything in your life is ‘aligned’, and your ‘perfect’ schedule/eating pattern comes around, your remains will already be underfoot.  The perfect time will NEVER arrive. The perfect diet will NEVER arrive. The perfect schedule will NEVER arrive.  You just can’t do everything all at once; it’s impossible.  However, you can make small changes EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Here’s a couple–you can start them today.

-Walk around the block

-Post on your wall, 5 major reasons you’d like to lose weight.

-Journal what you’ve eaten today

-Schedule the smallest amount of exercise increase possible (and still be exercising) for the rest of the week.

-Grab your phone, and call the gym for an appointment with a personal trainer

-Write down the poor food choices in your refrigerator, and make a small plan to replace them

-Do 10 more push-ups than you normally can do

-Find somewhere to do it, and do 50 sit-ups

Why  such small steps?  Because if you do them, I know you’ll be more likely to develop BIG habits.  The toughest part is getting started.

Do SOMETHING, and watch your world change.

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Dr. Michael Tremba, once severely overweight himself, has studied to distinguish the truth about weight loss, and the shocking mis-information that's taught to us by many "trusted" groups. Through the techniques that have helped him regain his health, he shares uncommon tools to help anyone else desiring to lose weight to live the life they're meant to. He enjoys reading, exercising, travelling, and spending time with his wife, Shari in Mobile, Alabama Find me on Twitter, Google+ and let's connect on LinkedIn.
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