New Year-New you Part II

By on January 2, 2012

(If you didn’t see yesterday’s “New year-New you part one” and want to, you can see it here).

I was so excited–the first beginning of the first week in 2012-with a little extra enthusiasm, and determination to make it even better than my 2011.  My well-planned morning today would be a productivity masterpiece.

….Until the bank was closed, the auto shop couldn’t complete the work on my car, Target didn’t carry the printer ink I wanted, OR the bath towels, either.

Why am I writing about this?

Because one of the main reason people get ‘off’ of their goals is not due to laziness–it’s the inability to process life’s inevitable twists.

As I headed home, I felt what most people would after a morning like this–a strong sense of ‘letdown’.

The twists life may throw at you might be in the form of a social event you’re scheduled to attend this next week where you’ll be surrounded by lousy food choices.  The twist might be an emergency change to your schedule that severely decreases your workout times for this next week. In fact, you may have already found your ‘twist’ in last night’s gorge due to the headache you had from your body’s attempt to cleanse itself from the sugar addiction you’ve had for some time.

Whatever your ‘twist’ may be, here’s a few humble suggestions on how to handle them:

Be nice to yourself.  One of the main reasons people fail at losing weight is not because they’re not hard enough on themselves. Rather, people have a tough time because they’re too hard on themselves.  Many obstacles and roadbumps are in store for you this next year.  The quicker you can accept it, the quicker you’ll be on your road to amazing achivement.  Have a gorge meal? EVERYONE does from time to time. Missed a workout? EVERYONE does.  The quicker you can stop feeling guilty, and realize that you have a choice of what you do next, the quicker you can stay on the path of permanent weight loss.

Work for progress, not perfection: If you’re 20, 30, 40 pounds or more overweight, seeing the possibility of yourself as “fit” may seem like mirage that can only happen in a well-thought dream.  Like it or not, it can happen, and do so quickly.   But if you focus on everything at once, you’ll get overwhelmed and do nothing.  Only able to run 1 mile?  Great! Make small changes until you can run 2 miles.Are you only able to walk 5 minutes?  Great-keep walking those 5 minutes, and work your way up to 10.   Ever see someone overweight, but progressing in the right direction?  Notice how happy they are?  It’s because they’ve accepted themselves for exactly where they’re at, but are progressing in the direction of where they intend to go.

It’s a new year–everyone around you (and those you haven’t yet met) are waiting for your best self to show up.  What are you going to do about it?

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