Preventing Diabetes Naturally

By on September 9, 2013

preventing diabetes naturallyType 2 Diabetes (by far, the most common diabetes) has been rapidly surging over the past few decades, growing in predictable fashion with the rate of obese adults. More children than ever now struggle with the preliminary stages of diabetes, and some have full-fledged diabetes.

Television commercials now more than ever show various medications to mask the effects of the symptoms, while in effect ‘using a band-aid to treat a major wound’.

Type 2 Diabetes is very much related to lifestyle.  That said, it’s much better to prevent diabetes occurring through natural methods. Natural methods do not include the side effects (as medications do), and they are safe for children as well, and have a host of upsides that go along with them.

Preventing diabetes naturally requires making healthy choices on a daily basis. The chances are, if you have type 2 diabetes, you’re probably overweight as well.  Until that weight begins to come off, the chances overwhelmingly state that you’ll have issues with your blood sugar levels and hence, diabetes.

Here are some of the best things you can start doing today to prevent diabetes naturally.

Preventing Diabetes Naturally:

Avoid Being Sedentary

An inactive lifestyle has been linked to increased risk for diabetes. While extreme excessive cardiovascular exercise (think multiple marathon runners here) can actually create metabolic problems, remaining active throughout the day is essential for naturally preventing diabetes.

Your risk for health related diseases increases significantly when you remain seated for more than 30 minutes at a time. Obviously, you can’t move every 30 minutes throughout the day. You need to sleep at some point. But set a timer for 20 or 30 minutes, and make sure that you get up and move around every time the timer rings whenever you can.

Give yourself a pass if you’re in a meeting or in a car or some other place for you can’t get up. But as much as possible, take the time to get up and get moving. The small actions throughout the course of the day can have tremendous impact on your overall health.  At minimum, get on a regular daily exercise schedule-it could last 45 minutes per day, it could last 10, but do it, and do it regularly.

Decrease Sugar and Simple Carbohydrate Intake

It should be common knowledge that sugars and simple carbohydrates drastically increase your risk for diabetes. Potatoes, pasta, rice, and release glucose into the bloodstream so fast that your body can’t use it. It increases the rate of inflammation as well as your body’s ability to handle insulin. Even supposedly healthy options such as wheat and whole grains can cause similar insulin reactions as well as inflammation.

It may seem too difficult to cut all of these foods out of your diet. If it helps, start weaning yourself off them gradually. In time, as you substitute out bad foods for healthier foods, you’ll begins develop a taste for those healthy foods and crave them over the bad sugary ones. Consider simple substitutions such as cauliflower for potatoes, and coconut flour for white flour.

Between the two above options, you will by far decrease your risks for becoming diabetic.  However, sometimes, people are looking for a little something extra, so I thought I’d also list…


Tension and stress can also increase your blood sugar levels. They also increase acid levels throughout your body, and they create problems in the stomach and intestines. If you are living under chronic stress, diabetes may not be your only problem.

The good news is that by simply taking the time to relax and unwind, you can start to improve your body’s responses and reduce your risk for diabetes among other diseases.

According to Duke University’s recent study, taking time for rest and relaxation throughout the day has a positive impact from the moment you choose to do it. Prevention magazine even recommends taking Sunday off and using it as a day of rest.

Ideally, you should take the time to rest and relax throughout the day at different times. When you feel yourself starting to get stressed, take the time to breathe, calm yourself, and then resolve the problem.





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