The Problem with Sugar and Weight Loss

By on October 5, 2012
Sugar and Weight Loss

Sugar and Weight Loss

Eating well is not always easy; especially with all the different programs and fad diets on the market today. Not only do you need to find a plan that works, but you have to be sure that it will fit in with your lifestyle; the choices just seem endless. Stick to the basics. You might have heard that sugar and weight loss don’t go hand in hand; eating a healthy, clean diet is the only way to lose weight and keep it off, so forget about fad diets that make impossible promises.

In order to lose weight healthily and get past your weight loss difficulties, there are certain foods to avoid, and one of them is sugar. This might also sound familiar to eating a low G.I. diet, which can be very effective. Sugar is a carbohydrate with a very high G.I. (glycemic impact) rating, so you should naturally try to avoid it where possible. Firstly, you need to know what the G.I. rating is, and how it can benefit you. Low G. I. foods are foods that will release its energy gradually throughout the day. This can help keep hunger at bay, making it much easier to lose bodyweight. Sugar is considered to be a “simple” carbohydrate, a.k.a. high G.I. Keep in mind that weight gain is not the only issue here, there are also other sugar problems that can occur as well, such as diabetes. Therefore, try to avoid any unnecessary sugar intake where possible.

Eating sugar can cause your blood sugar levels to rise too quickly; the body will then try to normalize this. It will make you hungrier and this can lead to additional weight gain. This is why sugar is a definite “avoid” when it comes to successful dieting, and as tasty as it can be, the side effects are simply just not worth it. Always choose a sugar free food option when possible. You will reduce cravings and avoid any unnecessary insulin spikes – which is exactly what you need when you want to lose weight.

Sugar and weight loss are not the only two things you should never combine, there are other foods that you should also remove from your diet completely if you want to achieve healthy weight loss success. This video shows what 5 foods you should never eat when attempting to lose weight. The video is based on a program that considers your body type, making it highly effective. You will be provided with a list of foods to eat, an eating program, and suggested recipes that will make it easy to follow a healthy diet and lifestyle.

Many people dread the idea of changing their eating style because of the small variety of foods they are usually allowed to eat, along with the need to starve themselves. With the right eating plan, success is very possible; lower G.I foods can be very filling and it doesn’t have to be expensive at all. You don’t even need to buy any special supplementation. Finding sugar free and low G.I meals are possible at most restaurants, so your social life can still be maintained without having to worry about your diet. Living a sugar free life is truly is a great way of getting rid of your weight loss problems and keeping the weight off for good.

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