Regulate Blood Sugar Naturally

By on February 13, 2013

regulate blood sugar naturallyMany different drugs are available for regulating blood sugar.

However, being able to regulate it naturally is a much better solution, particularly as those who struggle with diabetes often struggle with blood sugar issues for most of their lives.

Not only does natural regulation avoid the side effects of traditional medication, but it makes regulation far more maintainable in the long run.

Today, we are going to talk about ways that you can regulate your blood sugar naturally while enjoying the rich and healthful life you deserve.

So, without further delay, lets get started.


Simple ways to regulate blood sugar naturally:

Drop the Excess Weight and the Sugar Packets

Even though obesity does not necessarily cause diabetes, it does put a strain on the body. The excess weight has also been found to increase fluctuations in blood sugar levels because of the increased pressure on the body. Additionally, the fat cells suppress key hormones which help to regulate the blood sugar.

However, one of the biggest reasons that dropping the excess weight is important is not because the fat is the cause but because losing the weight in the long term typically requires reducing the consumption of high sugars.

The high sugar consumption leads to drastic spikes in the blood sugar levels which makes it very hard for the body to regulate blood sugar levels at all. Removing this problem and reducing sugar on the whole makes it much easier for the body to naturally regulate blood sugar levels, as Dr. Mercola points out.

Fill Up on Cruciferous Vegetables

Cruciferous vegetables are filled with a vast number of health benefits. One of the many benefits is that they offer fiber, which helps the body to flush out toxins. In addition to this, they stimulate the natural production of hormones which control and regulate safe blood sugar levels.

According to “The Top Three Reasons Why Cruciferous Vegetables Are So Good For You,” broccoli, cabbage, and other similar vegetables provide detoxification properties as well as immune system boosts through valuable antioxidants.

For the greatest health benefits, you should eat at least three servings of cruciferous vegetables a day. Try to eat them steamed or boiled so that you enjoy the greatest number of vitamins and minerals. You can add butter or olive oil for additional flavor, but avoid making white sauces which rely on flour to form the base.

Avoid Sugary Foods, Even the Supposedly Healthy Ones

One of the hardest things about weight loss and healthy living is trying to determine what foods are actually good for you and which ones aren’t. Dozens of supposedly healthy foods are actually quite bad for you.

Some of these foods include vegetables like eggplant and carrots. Even root vegetables which seem to be so healthy can be risky when you are struggling with blood sugar levels. Potatoes, corn, eggplants, and the like break down in the digestive tract very quickly. According to Natural News, the breakdown releases insulin, causing blood sugar to spike and drop in rapid succession. This prevents the body from handling the matter, and may end up making you feel even worse.

These are only three of the ways that you can regulate your blood sugar naturally. As you can see, most of these methods revolve around the foods that you eat or don’t eat. This is exceptionally important as the blood sugar levels rise and fall based on the foods you choose to consume.

Don’t rely on medications and supplements to lower your blood sugar and keep it under control. Take control of your own health and start using natural methods to regulate it yourself.




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