Why so many runners die young-2nd of 2 parts

By on October 19, 2011

On my last post, I discussed the damage that free radicals can cause to runners, and the risk of heart disease that they face.  If you haven’t yet read it yet, you can see that post here.

The post ended with the question, should long distance runners stop running?  My answer was the following: Absolutely not!

What I do recommend, however, is that if someone chooses to run for long periods or do intense aerobic exercise, they take the time to find out more about antioxidants.  Antioxidants are nutrients that absorb those “angry” free radicals, thus preventing them from damaging our body. Again, from his book, The Antioxidant Revolution, Dr Cooper suggests that serious athletes take large amounts of antioxidants in supplementation.  He also states that larger amounts of antioxidant supplementation are needed compared to what the RDA provides.

Levels of antioxidants through supplementation are complex, and vary for everyone; and I’ll plan to blog more about that another time.   One thing I’ve learned, though is that most people don’t know what are good anti-oxidants, and what aren’t.  I’ll get told, “Doc, I take Acai juice (nowhere near the best of antioxidants), so I’m OK”.  Or, they’ll let me know that they drink a pomegranate drink mix (not very helpful either), so they’re OK, too.

Here are some great basic antioxidants easily and naturally obtainable come from the following:

Pure pomegranate Juice-organic, and not from concentrate,  (Costs about $10.00 for 32, OZ, and has EXTREMELY powerful antioxidant properties).  8 oz per day has been shown in certain studies, to have significant cardiovascular healing properties.

-Glutathione- Powerful antioxidant.  One of the best ways to get it is in the form of un-denatured, non-pasteurized whey protein powder. If it’s not whey protein, or if it is pasteurized, it won’t have the properties needed to help.

(As a side note, one of my favorite morning meals is a smoothie with coconut milk, whey protein powder (one scoop), handful of spinach (yes, believe it or not, spinach), and some pomegranate juice).

-Organic blueberries-VERY powerful antioxidants as well. Having them every day can dramatically boost antioxidant levels in our body.

These antioxidants can be very helpful to our overall health .  And although consuming them occasionally can be useful, best results would include consuming them as part of a normal, daily routine.  Can I promise that if you’re a runner or intense exerciser, these recommendations are a catch-all for your daily supply of antioxidants? NO (especially given the fact that you produce far more free radicals than most people). Can I say these recommendations can be a good start?  YES.

Oh yea, for more tips like this, as well as ones for permanently losing weight, click here.


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