Sex, funerals and noodles

By on October 24, 2011

Over 220 people.  Not bad for a funeral–Larry had a lot of friends.  Despite the somber occasion, there were still a few giggles, though.

“Guess he died a happy man”…… “Jane’s a wild woman—I knew she’d eventually kill him *snicker*”.

You see, Larry was one of the millions of men who had Erectile Dysfunction (E.D.).  This time, after a good dose of male “enhancement”, Larry’s romp led to a massive mid-thrust heart-attack.

Dead before Jane could even say “Larry, you’re crushing me”.

Am I about to E.D. drug bash?  Not today.

Instead, I’ll explain what sex life has to do with a guy’s heart.  Something EXTREMELY common in men, is that about 3 years prior to a massive heart attack or stroke, they can’t get it up.

If a guy wants to know the status of his heart/arteries, a good way to gauge is by the status of his “noodle”.

A study from the St. Paul Heart Clinic (2004) concluded that the arteries in men with E.D. expanded much less efficiently than men without underlying erectile problems.    Dr McCullough (one of the researchers), concluded that E.D. was like a common plumbing problem–that if your faucet (noodle) won’t turn on, there’s either something wrong with it, or the pipes in the house (arteries in the body) are backed up.

Furthermore, a paper published in the International Journal of Clinical Practice (June 2010),  concluded that E.D. is associated with an increase in all-cause mortality, primarily through its association with Coronary artery disease.  I’ll say it again:

If you can’t get it up, there’s a good chance you’ll have a stroke or heart attack in a couple of years. 

So, what next?  What if you’re a woman whose spouse is no longer hitting home runs?  What if you’re a guy whose idea of lovemaking also involves either medication, apologies, or both?

The first thing you should do is get checked out at the doctor–things could be more serious than you think,  the problem could also be associated with low testosterone, or both.

Pending approval, you would want to adopt a heart-healthy lifestyle:

A weight loss plan would be needed  (HUGE impact on how hard the heart works),  a slow, gradual exercise plan would be needed as well (another HUGE impact).  Simple carbs (sugar, white bread, candy, frappucinos, cake, cookies, you get the picture)/refined foods would be replaced with foods made to heal the body.

What kind of foods are we talking about?

Lots of vegetables, some fruits, and some meats.  Beef would be grass-fed instead of grain fed.  Chicken would be organic, and fish would be wild, not Atlantic of farmed.  Fast food would largely become a thing of the past, as would packaged foods.  Healthy fats would also be adopted.  What, you say- fats?  Yes-certain fats are needed in our lifestyle, and without them, we die.   Many of which come in the forms of  coconut oil, olive oil, avocados, nuts,  seeds, and Omega-3 fatty acid supplementation.  Sugar would be eliminated as well as cured meats.  (Great heart-healthy dessert suggestion here).

Don’t be like Larry, or his wife; adopt a heart-healthy lifestyle today.  Want more ideas how to do it?  Download my free report on the secrets of a lean body (click here to get it now).



Erectile dysfunction and coronary artery disease prediction: evidence-based guidance and consensus. Jackson et al. IJCP. 64.7, 848-857. (June 2010). DOI: 10.1111/j.1742-1241.2010.02410.x

Andrew McCullough, M.D., associate professor, clinical urology, and director, male sexual health, fertility and microsurgery, New York University Medical Center, New York City; David Gutterman, M.D., Northwestern Mutual professor of medicine, Medical College of Wisconsin, Milwaukee


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