Sugar Addiction Detox

By on May 13, 2013

sugar addiction detoxOne of the most uncomfortable parts of getting into a healthy lifestyle is going through what is known as the detoxification period. During detoxification, you start to realize what you’re addicted to. A sugar addiction detox can be particularly difficult as you will have to deal with your cravings, their underlying roots, and changes in your typical routines.

Fortunately, there are ways that you can make your passage through the detox phase a little easier.

Sugar Addiction Detox-A Few Pointers:

Clear Out the Temptation

The first thing to do when you are getting ready to go through detox is to make sure that you clear out all of the temptation that you can. If everyone in your family is doing this, then it’s not a problem.

If not everyone is, then they probably aren’t going to let you get rid of all the junk food and sugary items. If that is the case, then make a compromise with them.

Get rid of just the foods that are your go to treats, the ones that make holding on to your goals of being fit and healthy so much harder to keep.

Commit That You Won’t Cheat

Promise yourself and others in your support group that you aren’t going to cheat. It might not seem like it’s a big deal, but cheating while in detox can lead to a number of negative results.

One of the biggest is that it can make it difficult to control your cravings for sugar. It’s the same thing as an alcoholic deciding to have “just one drink.” How often is it really only just one drink? Quite rarely. Additionally, many people tend to think that once they’ve cheated once, another cheat won’t matter.

That single cookie might not make a big difference in the grand scheme of things, but that all changes when it’s just the first of a dozen.

However, the other problems with cheating are that they will create negative health responses.

For instance, I’ve been through a couple of detoxes, and on some of them, I did cheat (particularly my first of many times trying to get “off” sugar).  Even though my taste buds craved that delicious slice of chocolate cake, my body didn’t. After only a couple of bites, I had a terrible headache. I felt sluggish and unmotivated after a brief sugar zing. The worst part was that it slowed down my efforts and I had to work that much harder to keep going.

Remember that promising you won’t cheat also means that you don’t choose a “healthy substitute.” The health food market is full of supposedly healthy foods that are filled with unhealthy carbs and sugars that will just make your cravings worse than ever. And even artificial sugars can create tremendous cravings.

A lot of people tend to trust health foods because they assume that they must be good for them. That’s not the case, and you would be surprised to realize that some of the foods you think are so good for you are actually sabotaging your weight loss goals as well as slowing your overall progress in detoxification.

You are also going to need to make sure that you identify the places where sugar is hiding. Spark People has a handy list that includes the primary sources of sugar in most packaged foods. Make sure that you take this with you when you go shopping so that you don’t unintentionally cheat if you have to purchase packaged meals.

Cook in Advance

One of the big reasons that people fail to make it through the sugar addiction detoxification is that they fall back on old habits and are not prepared to enforce the new ones. Living healthfully and eating plenty of lean protein and good vegetables is not really that hard when you think about it.

What is hard is getting everything completed. If you come home from work and haven’t given any thought of what to prepare for dinner, then chances are good that you’re going to decide there’s no point and just go for the fast food.

Instead, take the time to prepare hearty and nutritious meals. Do what you can in advance. Freeze portions of healthy meals so that you can defrost these as needed. These are all better alternatives than fast foods and even packaged foods because you’re getting the greatest concentrations of nutrition.

It will be much harder for you to justify going out to get pizza when you have something fresh and home-cooked waiting for you. This will then make you address the sugar cravings as part of the addiction.





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