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By on November 21, 2011


Hey everybody.

Shari and I are planning our trip to Cleveland for Thanksgiving.  As much as she tells me she enjoys my company, I hope she can endure the 14 hours+ of driving that goes with it :)  Along side the driving jokes, songs to sing (how many times can you do 99 bottles?!), and other drivers to yell at,  I’m hoping for a safe ride there and back.

In addition to our post-gorge sweat pants, and a belt with an extra notch, we’re also packing this food for the car ride prior:

-Turkey cuts



-Steamed broccoli

-Avacado/Date/Chocolate mousse (Believe it or not, there’s a healthy way to do it, and it tastes GREAT)!


-Healthy almond cookies

There’s a “Turkey Trot” in Downtown Cleveland on Thursday morning prefaced by a 1 mile fun-run which Shari and I are planning to do.

Until next time, wishing you and yours safe travels, warm homes, and many blessings for you and your family.

Dr Mike




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