What Spikes Blood Sugar

By on March 27, 2013

what spikes blood sugarBlood sugar spikes are no laughing matter. If you or a loved one has struggled with these before, you know the challenges that they can bring. In addition to weight gain and joint inflammation, blood sugar spikes can also lead to memory problems and can lead to increased risks of dementia and shortened life spans. Obviously, blood sugar spikes are nothing to joke about. The challenge though is to determine what spikes blood sugar and how to prevent those spikes from happening.

For those who have diabetes or similar issues, controlling blood sugar spikes is essential to preventing and controlling the disease. Blood sugar spikes often increase the symptoms of the disease and allow it to take a greater toll on your body.

So if you’re indulging and assuming that it really isn’t a big idea, remind yourself that it is and start avoiding foods and drinks that cause blood sugar spikes.

Let’s get to what spikes blood sugar:

Sugary Snacks

Often times, sugary snacks are a popular staple for those who want to get a quick pick me up or just feel better. Twinkies and hostess cupcakes made a fortune for their manufacturers based on that premise. However, these snacks and those like them are filled with white flour and refined sugars.

Even the homemade versions, despite having fewer preservatives and objectionable ingredients, are still filled with ingredients like sugar and refined white flour that will spike your blood sugar within minutes of consumption.

Fruit Juice

I bet if I were to ask you if orange juice was a health food, you’d insist that it was. In fact, it’s probably one of the first things that you think of grabbing in the morning.  However, orange juice can actually hurt you. (You’d be surprised to realize how many health foods can actually be bad for you and cause blood sugar spikes.) Even pure fruit juice is full of sugar. The majority of fruit juices, however, are filled with extra sugars, sometimes including high fructose corn syrup.

High fructose corn syrup is particularly dangerous for the blood sugar levels. In addition to spiking them, it can also cause an increase in the hormones and toxins that create metabolic syndrome as well as heighten your triglyceride levels, according to the Mayo Clinic.

Refined Grains

Refined white flour is one of the worst offenders in this regard. However, most other refined grains are likewise problematic including rye and corn. The University of Maryland Medical Center completed a significant body of research on this phenomenon. They confirmed that your body converts these carbohydrates into glucose, which then raises the blood sugar.

When enough of the refined grains are consumed, it can spike your blood sugar just as if you had eaten a few tablespoons of pure sugar.

Diet Sodas and Regular Sodas

You can probably guess why regular sodas are on this list. As soon as people talk about blood sugar spikes, chances are good that you thought about that Coca Cola or Pepsi sitting in your fridge. But what you might be surprised to realize is that diet sodas can also cause blood sugar spikes. Not actually through consumption of the artificial sugar but because it will make you crave sugary foods.

A very common side effect of consuming sugar free or diet products is that the artificial sweeteners make you crave additional sugars and more foods, causing you to go beyond what your body actually needs.

Substituting water for soda is one of the best things you can do. In fact, you can actually help control sugar cravings by drinking cold water whenever a craving strikes. In addition to ridding yourself of useless calories, you’re also helping to hydrate your body.

This will help your body process the natural sugars that you consume and further regulate your blood sugar levels.

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