Wheel Chair Dweller Or World Traveler?

By on April 25, 2014
George Bryant from Civlized Caveman

George Bryant From Civilized Caveman

George Bryant is an amazing person.

He’s a retired Marine, world traveler, internationally-known author, lecturer, and consultant who still finds time to enjoy life to the fullest.

But a couple years ago, things were a little different…

Bound in his wheel-chair, 100 pounds overweight, feeling hopelessness and utter failure, he wondered if he could ever have an active life again…

George is only in his 20’s, yet lived more highs and lows than many people do in a life time.

He’s been through the gamut of yo-yo diets, emotional eating, eating disorders, and more. He spend most of his early years being overweight, decided he wanted to serve his country, but was distraught when told by his recruiter that he’d need to lose 43 pounds to do it.

Somehow, though, he managed to lose the weight, and became a marine.  After graduating from Parris Island in 2002 at his new slim-weight of 155, he felt a short-lived happiness as his weight crept back up (by almost 100 pounds) over the next couple of years.

In 2005, while hiking, (and continuing to lug around his extra 100 pounds), George developed anterior compartment syndrome (a nasty condition that chokes off circulation to the lower legs), and almost lost both of his legs.

Several surgeries later, and a feeling of utter despair, George had no idea what to do next…

He found himself alone, in a hospital room, in a wheel chair, with barely the strength to raise his arms (let alone travel the world, or even resume a normal life). George wallowed in depression as he reflected on the fact that he allowed himself to get to this point. Was he doomed?  Would it always be this way?

Somehow, George began reaching out… It began with a phone call to a loved one here, or being in touch with a friend there.  He capitalized on every positive he could.  Every day he saw progress; he counted his blessings, and focused on gratitude.  In addition, he adopted a whole-food, lower carb plan of eating the way we’re designed.

And slowly, the weight came off….George began transforming his life.

George-A New Lease On Life

It hasn’t been easy for George-he still must watch what he eats, and focus on his attitude daily.  But through it all, he’s learned to live again-he now travels the world speaking, consulting, and just having fun.

His website at Civilized Caveman helps others that have experienced body weight issues similar to him, get the most out of life through delicous and healthy ways of eating.

George’s story makes me think about me, and think about us.

Are you headed toward a wheel chair?

Or, are you headed toward seeing the world in the life of your dreams?

Many blessings,

Dr. Mike

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