Trans Fats

I used to make it so needlessly difficult; excessive attention to carb counts (at the expense of the quality of the food I was eating) would lead me to choices of hot-dogs, cheese, chicken nuggets, diet soda (breading removed of course) all the while, thinking that I was eating healthy.

Then, I would go through my ‘vegetarian’ phase, where insulin-spiking pasta, fruit juices, and bread was my mainstay.

Thankfully, during my research, I came across people like Diane S. within the low-carb/ whole food movement.

Through crucial reading such as her 21-day Sugar Detox, I dispelled so many myths-from ending uncontrollable night-time refrigerator raids, to helping me finally get a leaner body. These are the tips that I wish I would have known sooner.


Between research and individual observation, here are some of the top ones I’ve found crucial in long-term weight-loss:

  1. Eating fat is critical. Not only is it our friend, but we die without proper amounts of it, and we die if we eat the wrong type. I spent years believing that “low-fat” was healthy, and saturated fat was bad. Not only was I constantly hungry, but I was also at risk of many chronic health conditions related to low levels of dietary fat.
  2. Food doesn’t come in packages. I used to spend hours stewing over pre-packaged food in the grocery stores. “H-m-m-m”, I thought to myself, “this has been fortified with XXX vitamins…also with hydrogenated vegetable oil, red #40, and half-day’s supply of sodium, too”. Now, I know what food truly is, and that it doesn’t come in packages.
  3. Sugar, and simple carbs that turn into sugar are evil. One of the most addictive substances known to man is sugar-right up there with cocaine regarding addictive qualities. Not only does sugar not nourish us, but instead, it does the opposite…It gives us a short-term energy ‘rush’ followed by the crash, lethargy, and hunger cravings when we’re not really hungry.
    Want to substantially reduce your food cravings? Get ‘off’ sugar.

I Hope these help you as much as they’ve helped me!

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