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About Me

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This Used To Be 

MTBA2Did you ever see those people once overweight that lost their weight in one fell swoop?  That’s not me-In fact, I struggle. I struggle every single day.

And I frequently worry about gaining the weight back like I’ve done so many times in the past.

Having a friend that’s a recovering alcoholic has led me to realize that I have all the same traits of an addict, only to food, and more specifically, to sugar. I’ve had this problem my entire life, even in high school when I appeared quite healthy.

Many people that read my blog still want to believe one of the mainstream nutritional myths “everything in moderation”. I wanted to believe that as well for over 3 decades of my life. I wanted to believe that the piece of cake I ate would really be OK, and that I could stop there.

Except I never did.

I can almost guarantee that one piece of cake always makes me want to have another, then another, then another. However, I like many that read my blog, never knew how I could satisfy my cravings by using Stevia, almond flour, and coconut flour (among many other great substitutions) and experience the same enjoyment without the dangers from sugar.

I’ve learned that a huge variety of dangerous grains and processed foods can be substituted for low-carb/whole food options that leave me satisfied and healthy.  Furthermore, I’ve learned that food is something I’ve used to cover up other emotional concerns in my life, that I believe I am powerless, except by God’s grace to work through.


Through all my struggles, I’ve learned and experienced much that has changed my life, and my wife Shari’s as well. I’ve seen it work in my life, and countless others to lose weight, get healthy, and start to live once again.

MSBA1None of the ideas I give are ‘magic formulas’, and none of them have completely eliminated my struggles with my food addiction. However, they have helped me keep my weight off , be healthier, and live more than I have in over 20 years.

In turn, I’ve made it my mission to share with others who suffer with food addiction and weight issues.

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Thanks for visiting my site,

-Dr. Tremba