How To Find Healthy Groceries-Shopping Tips

How To Find Healthy Groceries-Shopping Tips

Healthy groceries-shopping tips

If you’re been looking for healthy grocery shopping tips, join the crowd.

Many people want to start eating healthier, yet don’t know where to start when they go to the grocery store. With so many confusing labels and contradictory information, it is sometimes hard to tell what is healthy and what isn’t.

One of the best ways to ensure that you are eating healthy is to first remove all processed foods, bread, grains and sugar from your diet-period.

By removing all of the foods from your shopping list which your body has to work hard to process and filter, it can instead focus on burning fat which leads to fat and weight loss. You can find further information on the health benefits of this type of healthy eating plan here such as how to replace breads with Quinoa or almond flour as a healthy alternative.

Isabella De Los Rios has devised a healthy eating plan called the Diet Solution which offers great advice on healthy eating and even comes with a grocery shopping guide to help guide you when making your healthy grocery list. It even tells you where you can find healthy alternatives for many of your favorite foods. Although there is a misconception that low carb diets only include foods such as meat and cheese; nothing could be further from the truth.

When making your healthy food list keep in mind that the best way to eat is to include lots of vegetables as well as some fruit and meat. Bad Fats should also be avoided such as trans fats, soybean oil and hydrogenated oils. However, do not worry there are plenty of healthy alternatives which will work and taste just as good.

If you want any healthy eating plan to work you must be honest with yourself and commit to the plan. As Sigmund Freud said “Being entirely honest with oneself is a good exercise.”

Healthy Oil Alternatives

  • Walnut Oil
  • Flaxseed Oil
  • Coconut Oil
  • Pure Butter
  • Olive Oil

Healthy, low carb flour Alternatives

  • Coconut Flour
  • Flax meal
  • Almond Flour

Sugar Substitutes

  • Stevia
  • Something with NutraSweet (as a last resort ONLY) 

The best way to shop for any type of diet plan is to first sit down and write out healthy shopping lists in advance before heading to the grocery store. This will help you to stick to the plan and avoid impulse buying which is hard for many to resist; especially when first starting a new healthy eating plan.

When in the grocery store, it’s critical to shop in a “horse-shoe” around the perimeter of the store.  This is where healthy items such as unprocessed beef, chicken, fish, vegetables, fruits, and other fresh foods can be found.  It’s critical to realize that healthy food doesn’t come in boxes or packages.

You may be worried that changing your way of eating to incorporate a healthier lifestyle may be hard; however, this is simply not true. Eating high quality foods does not take as much time as you might think. There are hundreds of tasty and healthy combinations which you can make that are easy to use and fast to prepare. One you are armed with the knowledge you need and a healthy food list you will be prepared to go grocery shopping because you understand what foods are the best for your body and your health.


By making simple changes to your diet and exercise program your body will be able to stabilize your blood sugar, improve liver function and work at burning off the extra fat which you may be storing. Just make sure that you take the proper steps ahead of time to ensure that you are not overwhelmed with the shopping process. Here are some Healthy Shopping tips for you to follow:


  •  Arm Yourself With Knowledge
  •  Write Down Healthy Alternatives
  •  Make a Healthy Groceries List Ahead of Time
  •  Avoid Processed Food Aisles
  •  Stick to the List

If you still want more information on the best healthy fats and carbs that you can eat that will provide maximum health benefits to your body then you should check out this video by Isabel De Los Rios-she explains how so-called ‘healthy’ foods can cause weight-gain, and little-known foods that help speed metabolism and burn fat.






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