Dr. Michael can not only help you get your blood sugar under control. His knowledge is extensive. He not only has book knowledge, he has personal experience helping others. Nevertheless, he has his own personal story in his quest to be healthy and helping you too. Michael is easy to talk to. He is friendly, personable and very humble. He will encourage you to stay the course and not give up, because he has been where you are. Dr. Michael will do everything within his power to help you.

Carol N., Richmond, Virginia


Having studied alongside Dr. Tremba in 1998, I have witnessed firsthand his attention to detail in what he chooses to do. I remember through our many correspondences, Dr. Tremba speaking of perfecting his art of nutritional counselling back in 2010. Hence, to his patients, you are in good hands.

Alan Tang, D.C. Shanghai, China


From the first moment I met Dr. Tremba, I knew there was something special about him. He is a very sincere and kind doctor that truly cares about his patients and clients. You can rest assured he has your best interest at heart and is very knowledgeable about nutrition and holistic health. I have witnessed the physical transformation in his body by the healthy changes he enforced with himself. I believe without a doubt he can help you also!

Mandy R., Foley, Alabama

Dr. Tremba has dedicated his life and career to helping others optimize their health and well-being. Through the application of his innate ability to effectively communicate solid, fundamental nutritional principles to the people he serves, he is making the world a better place to live.

Dr. Jennifer Turnbull Bonde, Birmingham, Michigan


I was privledged to work with Dr. Tremba after having been diagnosed with prediabetes. Dr. Tremba’s coaching not only helped me bring my A1c level from 6.2 to 5.1, but also helped me lose 20 pounds, and two dress-sizes in less than two months.  Not only does he understand nutrition, but also knows how to incorporate in a way that is easy to understand, and to impliment.

Brianna L., Citronelle, Alabama


When I discovered Dr. Tremba, I was surprisingly uninformed about “clean” foods, and, in particular, how sugar leads to inflammation and obesity. The advice of a local doctor was, “If it tastes good, don’t eat it.” Quite to the contrary, Dr. Tremba’s personal recipes using natural, low-carb foods, really do taste good.

I’ve found by cutting back on sugar, I don’t crave it, and I’ve been able to maintain my weight over the last two years. My husband, who was borderline diabetic a few years ago, no longer has that issue.

Along with his expansive knowledge on nutrition and exercise, Dr. Tremba’s personal interest in those of us who contact him is refreshing. Without fail, he will get back to you, and no question is insignificant. He is my first source for nutritional information. I continue to follow his advice without the slightest hesitation.

Kathy B., Pulaski, Virginia

I have been following Dr. Tremba for some time now, and I enjoy his perspective on maintaining a healthy lifestyle. His philosophy on exercise and diet is simple, yet effective. I probably could have found the information if I wanted to dig in to online searches, but his site has a wealth of information so it saves me a ton of time. I particularly peruse the site for articles that have to do with low carbs (and there are plenty)!

Drew P., Pensacola, Florida