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Write For Us

Write for us

Guest-Posting is a great way to build credibility as an expert in your niche, and helps increase your traffic as well.

“Why Should I Guest-Post on NaturalWeightLossTruth.com?”

Simple:  This website’s visitors have a strong desire to Lose Weight Naturally.  They value the resources I provide, and rely on it to help them meet their goals.  In addition to building credibility, your direct benefits include increased web traffic, increased online presence, and quality backlinks to your site which in turn, boost yourSEO rankings.

How to Guest Post on NaturalWeightLossTruth.com:

Write a post, and submit it through our “Contact Me” page.  Upon acceptance, your post will be visible for my readers to see.

Guest Posting Guidelines:

Musts: Be at least 600 words in length Be relevant to the natural weight loss niche Be unique and not published anywhere else (for at least 30 days) Be engaging, grammerically correct, and free of typos Strongly suggested:Include an eye-catching headline similar to the styles below. Include sub-headlines Bulleted text (when appropriate) Include your Bio with not more than 1-2 links back to your site (+1 extra link for twitter profile) If you are not sure, you can send a brief excerpt of the post via the help desk

Sample headline ideas for your posts:

The Top 10 Best and Worst _____ in the World

Top 19 Most ____ Friendly ____

5 Reasons _____ is Better than ______

When is it Smarter to ____ or ____?

Little Known Ways to ________

10 Reasons it’s Better to _________

How to _____ Like a _____

Here is a Method That is Helping _____ to _____

Here’s a Quick Way to _______

7 Creative Ways to ______

How to be a _______

9 Surprising Things You Can _____ _____

Like a Fitness Instructor in 10 Easy Steps

21 Expert ____ Tips

5 Reasons You Should ______

10 Money/Time Saving Tips for ______

The Secret of Getting the Best Price for Your _______

How to Find the Best _____ Deals on the Web

Are _____ Worth the Money?

Best ____ For Under [Price]

Unusual but Achievable ____

5 Ways to Boost Your ____ Without Spending More _____

5 Ways to ____ on a Budget

Who Else Wants to ____?

Now You Can ____ for Free!

How to Get _____ in Half the Time

Now You Can Have Get More and Better ____ With Less Effort


If you still have any questions about guest posting, contact us with the subject as “Guest Post”.  You will receive a prompt response.